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Many insurance companies will only accept jewellery valued for insurance from Registered Valuers that have proven themselves through numerous practical and theory examinations along with experience in jewellery valuation services.
Be sure that you use a Registered Valuer from the Institute of Registered Jewellery in London to complete your jewellery valuation services or get your jewellery valued for insurance. If you do not use an expert jewellery valuer from this Institute, you could have problems in the future if you ever need to make a claim.

Diamond Mine Fields

Carol was recently featured in The Irish Times discussing the controversy that surrounds diamond mine fields.   Diamond mine fields Jeweller Carol Clarke in Dublin, a respected gemmologist and Ireland’s first and only female member of the Institute of Registered Jewellery Valuers in London, is constantly asked about lab-grown diamonds and has strong views on […]

FAQs about Jewellery Valuation Answered

In today’s world, jewellery and precious stones are becoming an increasingly popular investment.  From matrimonial rings, family heirlooms, or any jewellery collection, everything is precious and worth a lot of money. This is why it’s important to ensure that it’s properly valued, especially now with the surge of lower quality Lab Grown Diamonds. Here are some of […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Jewellery Valuation

Jewellery is quite expensive; this is proven by the fact that the revenue in the jewellery segment was estimated to be 142 million USD in 2021. After investing so much, it’s essential not to be frugal and invest some more to have your jewellery valued and insured. This will help insurers offer coverage for your jewellery pieces. […]

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are, as they say, “diamonds that are grown in a lab,” although they are more like huge, massive factories with huge metal vats in them and lots of pipes coming out from them than actual ‘laboratories’. In this article, I look at the processes involved in manufacturing lab-grown diamonds and discuss why […]

To Buy or Not To Buy: Is Branded Jewellery Worth It?

By Carol Clarke   This is one of the most common questions I get asked by clients when I am valuing their branded jewellery. At the moment, there are so many different types of branded jewellery, with more brands springing up every month. In my opinion, there is an important distinction to be made. On […]


I am always asked this question mostly from people who are going to buy diamonds abroad.  There are many different laboratories that issue diamond certificates around the world.  There are the major ones like GIA, HRD, IGI and others like EGL and GAA.  As a GIA gemmologist myself I am slightly biased as I know […]


Now, I most certainly am not an advocate of the “free cleaning service” which I do not offer and for good reason.  Firstly, before any piece of jewellery is professionally cleaned it must be fully checked by a gemstone setter to make sure that it is suitable for professional cleaning.  By “professional cleaning” I mean […]


It is very fashionable to travel to Antwerp to buy an engagement ring as it is perceived as being “a lot cheaper” than buying in Ireland. As a jewellery valuer I do not believe it is “a lot cheaper”. If one adds up all the cost involved and then what happens when it all goes […]