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3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Jewellery Valuation

Jewellery is quite expensive; this is proven by the fact that the revenue in the jewellery segment was estimated to be 142 million USD in 2021. After investing so much, it’s essential not to be frugal and invest some more to have your jewellery valued and insured.

This will help insurers offer coverage for your jewellery pieces.

That’s one of the many reasons you should value your jewellery from professional valuers who can put the right price on your valuable goods.

Stolen or Lost Jewellery

Jewellery is often the first thing to go missing when a house is robbed. In the unfortunate circumstance that someone’s house is robbed and all their jewellery is stolen, insurance can cover its monetary value.

When jewellery is valued, a document is created that contains information about the appearance and properties of the jewellery items. So if the jewellery is lost or stolen, the documents can aid police in tracking the lost goods quickly, and the owner can claim the monetary value if recovery isn’t possible.


The market price of precious metals and stones is constantly changing. So it’s best if you appraise your jewellery for the correct value. The insurance value isn’t set in stone; you can get your jewellery revalued to get the right price so you won’t be underinsured.

Valuation ensures that your jewellery’s value is up to date and documented. Always check your policy plan for how long your jewellery is insured so you can renew it when the time comes. Otherwise, you might get a little upset if you don’t get the price you initially thought you’d get.

It’s also possible that your jewellery is more valuable after a few years, but if you haven’t valued it in a long time, you’ll be reimbursed a lower amount than you should rightfully receive.

an intricate necklace made of pearls and gemstones

Unnoticed Damage

It would be best if you have your jewellery valued every two to five years, not only because the value of metals and stones fluctuates, but because there’s a chance your jewellery incurred minor scratches.

Scratches and chipped gemstones lower the value of your items without a doubt. It’s possible that you never noticed that the clasps got loose, and gemstones fell off. If you get your jewellery valued by a professional, they can immediately identify these issues and tighten the clasps, so no gemstones fall out.

This effectively saves you more money and ensures that you get the right monetary value for your jewellery items.

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