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Many insurance companies will only accept jewellery valued for insurance from Registered Valuers that have proven themselves through numerous practical and theory examinations along with experience in jewellery valuation services.
Be sure that you use a Registered Valuer from the Institute of Registered Jewellery in London to complete your jewellery valuation services or get your jewellery valued for insurance. If you do not use an expert jewellery valuer from this Institute, you could have problems in the future if you ever need to make a claim.


Well you may ask what is a micro set ring?.  I am sure you all know that the word “micro” is short for microscopic which means very small among other things.  So micro set rings are rings set with small stones which have extremely small pieces of metal on each stone and so, there lies […]


Antique Ring Valuations I have numerous calls from people about to buy an engagement ring and get asked various different questions regarding the same.  However, last week I had a call from a young couple who wanted to know if the percentages of the star facet in relation to the width of the table would […]

Real advice on buying a diamond

Diamond Engagement Ring Valuation I am forever being asked “where is the best place to buy a diamond ring?” from many couples that have just purchased a diamond engagement ring abroad.  Well of course I would have to say that I think my shop is the best place to buy a diamond ring for obvious […]

Diamonds are forever.

  11 March 2014   Well I don’t really know where to begin.  I have been asked many times about doing a jewellery blog but have never really had the time to do it!.  This is my first blog so I have decided to keep it simple and maybe something in it might be of […]

World’s largest 100ct yellow diamond sells for 16.3 million US dollars in May 2014.

Nature has produced some beautiful gemstones and diamonds one of the latest sold was the magnificent “Graff Vivid Yellow” diamond that was sold by Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva.  The Chairman of Sotheby’s said that the yellow diamond had an “exceptional size and superb daffodil colour and was a truly extraordinary diamond with immense presence”.  […]

Jewellers changing diamonds

  18 February 2015 For the past thirty years I have listened to Customers saying “oh I wouldn’t like to leave my diamond ring into a jeweller as I would be afraid that they would change my diamond and that happened to a friend of mine, she never got back the same diamond again”.  Well […]