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World’s largest 100ct yellow diamond sells for 16.3 million US dollars in May 2014.

Nature has produced some beautiful gemstones and diamonds one of the latest sold was the magnificent “Graff Vivid Yellow” diamond that was sold by Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva.  The Chairman of Sotheby’s said that the yellow diamond had an “exceptional size and superb daffodil colour and was a truly extraordinary diamond with immense presence”.  However the diamond was expected to sell for a higher price as it was such a unique piece but failed to sell for any higher.


The colour scale of natural colourless diamonds is graded from D to Z.  However close to where the colourless scale ends then the fancy colour diamond scale begins.  In fact “Cape diamonds” which will fall within the X-Y-Z range of colourless scale can contain very noticeable traces of yellow or brown colour tones.  This in fact is the beginning of the fancy yellow and fancy brown diamond colour scale.  Fancy yellow diamonds sometimes known as Canary diamonds and fancy brown diamonds sometimes known as Cognac or Champagne coloured diamonds are the only coloured diamonds that start from within the colourless diamond grading scale.  Fancy yellow diamonds are graded according to the hue of the yellow colour within the stone.  Diamonds at the top of the scale contain the weakest tone of yellow and are called light yellow diamonds and stones that contain the strongest tones of yellow are known as fancy vivid yellow diamonds.  Natural yellow coloured diamonds are more common than other fancy coloured diamonds.  Yellow diamonds with a high clarity grade such as IF or VS and above 2.00cts make for good investment pieces as these diamonds are much rarer than white diamonds and they may become more valuable in the future if stocks of these run out.  There have been a number of very famous yellow diamonds such as “Tiffany yellow”, “The Allnatt”, “The Florentine” and “The Incomparable” all of which are stunning yellow diamonds that some lucky person owns!.

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